Mt Field is Tasmania's most accessible and most loved national park. Just a 90-minute drive from Hobart, the park features a series of beautiful waterfalls and a drive to the summit through sub-alpine and alpine vegetation.

Russell Falls with its three-tiered drop is an easy 10-minute stroll from the visitor centre and the most visited spot in the park. From here, continue another 10-min to Horseshoe Falls. The walk continues on to a third waterfall, Lady Barren Falls, the most beautiful of all.

At the summit of Mt Field, a short walk around Lake Dobson offers easy walking through some of Tasmania's unique flora, reminiscent of a prehistoric age long past. Plant life on the mountain includes pandani, giant swamp gums, snow gums, myrtle, sassafras, King Billy pine and Australia's only endemic deciduous tree, the fagus or beech. In autumn, the slopes of the mountain above Tarn Shelf, just a short walk on from Lake Dobson, are covered with a brilliant display of colour as the fagus turns from red to gold.

Mt Field National Park is also home to many of Tasmania's animals. Here you'll find echidna, spotted-tail and eastern quoll, Tasmanian devils, bandicoots, wombats, possums and bettong pademelon, while the Tyenna River on the edge of the park is one of Tasmania's most prolific trout streams and home to numerous platypus.

The visitor centre features interpretation displays, a shop and a bistro. Excellent picnic and camping facilities are also available.

Mt Field National Park is just over a 1-hr drive (72 km) from Hobart.

Tarn Shelf pine
Mt Field National Park
Russell Falls
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