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They are unearthing the dynamic food and beverage producers in the Bundaberg region. Discover some of the Queensland’s best kept secrets when it comes to food and drinks. With Bundy Food Tours you are bound to get a taste for the real Queensland and quench your thirst on a Taste of Bundaberg Experience or a Bundy Drinks Tour. They provide awesome opportunities for their guests to meet local producers of the Bundaberg agricultural region. Bundaberg is situated along the coast of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. It is truly the heart of Australia’s fruit and vegetable and macadamia nut industries, currently producing 80 per cent of Australia’s sweet potatoes and 40 per cent of Australia’s macadamia nuts and much more. Some of the other 40 crops grown there include passionfruit, strawberries, blueberries, watermelons, mangos, avocados and Tahitian limes as well as beans, ginger, pumpkins, cucumbers and tomatoes. On their half day tours you will be blown away by the tastings, morning or afternoon tea, or seafood lunch and meeting local brewers, distillers, flower farmers, butchers, bakers, seafood suppliers and beverage producers. Join one of their four weekly tours today and find out what really makes this region tick!

Suzie Clarke and Tina MacPherson
Red dogs
Suzie Clarke and Linda Zunker
Francis Hagens
with host Suzie Clarke
with Rick Prosser and Suzie Clarke
with Jack Millbank and Suzie Clarke
with Tina MacPherson
Suzie Clarke, Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism
Suzie Clarke with Tina MacPherson

Available Tour Options

  • Taste of Bundaberg Experience

    A Taste of Bundaberg Experience is exactly that. They want to wet your appetite and unearth your passion for fresh produce and drinks by introducing to food and beverage producers at the source. Their tours include visits to five or more foodie destinations to meet the passionate food producers of the Bundaberg region. For example, on Saturdays they stop by an amazing sourdough baker to hear how a banker became passionate about fermented foods. They try locally made kombucha before heading out to a watermelon farm or dragon fruit farm. While driving through the farms host Suzie will provide interesting farming history of the Bundaberg region and introduce guests to a farmer who grows figs all year round. All of this before morning tea, which by the way is prepared by the farmer’s wife on the farm and served while a local coffee roaster roasts his latest blend for you. After a tour of the farm market, guests hop back on board and visit new award winning distiller at a gin distillery. To finish off, there is one last stop at a craft brewery. Alternate itineraries on Wednesdays and Thursdays visiting different farms, seafood markets, butcher and chocolate shops.

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