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Beyond Bundaberg Bush Tours take visitors on day trips into the Queensland Bush from Bundaberg and the Southern Great Barrier Reef. They believe there is so much more to Queensland than the beaches and the reef and their tours reveal the beauty and hardness of the sub-tropical bushland. The different tours highlight a particular part of the Bush. One of the tours includes a walking trek of Cania Gorge National Park consisting of Dry Rainforest, Sandstone Bluffs and Ochre Caves. Another tour goes into Cattle Country allowing the participant to experience the cattle industry and in particular the life of the early settlers. The third tour focuses on the early mining boom of the North Burnett Region when thousands chased the riches of copper and gold. The tours have only seven participants allowing for a more personal experience with an emphasis on getting to meet some of the local people in the little Bush Townships. Lunch and a cuppa are provided as well as all entry fees.

Landscape of the Great Dividing Range near Mt Perry
Person entering the bat tunnel
KnockBreak Homestead circa 1860
Cedars Crossing on the Burnett River
Three Moon Creek at Cania Gorge
Mounted Cattle Horns RM Williams Centre
Cattle in the Trees
Dripping Rocks at Cania Gorge
Red Ochre Caves at Cania Gorge

Available Tour Options

  • The Crackin’ Good Time Tour

    This tour takes you from the coast over the Great Dividing Range into the heart of Burnett Cattle Country. On the way you will walk through a 200 metre self supported tunnel. It is no longer used by trains hauling gold and copper to the coast but by thousands and thousands of bent wing bats. Travel from Boolboonda over the top of the range and down into the grazing plains wondering how anyone was able to consistently traverse this Mangle of Mountains and Sandy Gullies. Step into the pioneers’ home life: Guthrie Sinclair’s 1860 Knockbreak Homestead built of wood slab and decorated with period furniture. Cloncave Homestead and Riverleigh Cottage full of ‘how things used to be’. Wander through the Century-old Archer Homestead still on the original cattle station on the Upper Burnett River. Walk through the RM Williams Bush Learning Complex dedicated to the Famous Bushman and what he stood for. Hands-on Leather Work taught by a veteran saddle maker and Boss Drover. Chat with a bush poet. Meet the locals over lunch and a cuppa. A Crackin’ good Whip Crackin’ time.

    $120 to $180 The price is dependent on the number in the group. One in the Group is AUD180 and then reducing AUD10 per person up to seven people in the booked group. Price includes lunch and a cuppa and all entry fees.
  • The Mountain and Three Moons Tour

    This is a 10 hour tour that leaves the beaches of Bundaberg behind to experience the unexpected in the Queensland Bush. They walk into abandoned railway tunnel that cuts through the Great Dividing Range. The tunnel is now the roost of thousands of little micro bats. See if you are brave enough to turn of the torches? Driving over a tangle of mountains and gullies we level out onto the rich floodplains of the Upper Burnett River. You can have your photo taken with a Bunyip at Mulgildie as they drive on to Monto - a little country town to pick up some local supplies for lunch. You have a bit of time to spend for your own browsing. They then follow Three Moon Creek into Cania Gorge where they'll share lunch and a cuppa in the beautiful bush setting. After lunch they walk into Russel Gully to be humbled by the majesty of the sandstone bluffs rising above the dry rainforest. They will climb into a gallery of ochre before descending into the Overhang where there is time to rest and meditate in an ancient place of tree ferns, sandstone and river boulders.

    $120 to $180 Price for an individual is $180 but this decreases by $10 for each extra participant in the booking up to seven participants.
  • Bats About the Mountain Tour

    This is a five hour tour that takes you from the beaches of Bundaberg into the Great Dividing Range to experience the life of a Queensland mining town in the late 1800s. You'll walk through an old Railway Tunnel built in 1860 to connect the copper and gold mines to the coast. Two hundred metres of solid granite hole totally self supporting and now empty except for about a thriving little micro bat colony. You'll visit a slab hut - reconstructed to show what life was like for the early settlers. There is the Blacksmiths shop and assorted MIning equipment. You will see an ore crusher pounding quartz to powder for you to pan and perhaps find the elusive gold sometimes hidden within.

    $55 to $85 Individual price is $85 but it decreases by $5 for each person in a booking.